Coly Photo Viewer

Coly Software, (Shareware)

Coly Photo Viewer is an application used for viewing, editing, and converting photographs to other image formats. Pictures can be converted to more than 30 kinds of popular formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, ICO, and more. The viewing application allows users to make slight improvements to the digital images. The editing tool’s functions include the following:

• red-eye reduction and removal
• resizing, which may be done either manually or automatically
• image rotation (left, right, up, and down)
• cropping undesirable photo elements
• adjusting colors (color balance, color depth, or brightness)

Coly Photo Viewer has numerous graphic effects used to enhance photographs. Users can choose and apply sepia, grayscale, emboss, negative, mosaic, wind, blur, and other special effects on a chosen picture. Users can select the photos they want to view and edit through the program’s thumbnail browser.

The application also offers a full screen viewing of photographs. Users can also view slideshows and the image’s histogram. The program also enables users to send their photos via-email or set a photo as the desktop wallpaper. At the left side of the interface is a tree view of the folders in the user’s directory. Below this is the histogram information. At the right side are the thumbnail views of the images in the selected folder.