ColorSchemer Studio 2.1

ColorSchemer (Shareware)

ColorSchemer Studio is an application used for color matching which can be used by advanced professionals as well as hobbyists. Color relationships and harmonies may be explored, and users may be able to work with a color wheel. The color wheel provided by ColorSchemer Studio is able to identify matching colors as well as color harmonies.

Created color schemes and outputs can all be previewed through the program’s integrated QuickPreview. Different color schemes which have been created may all be saved. Appropriate color schemes can also be suggested by the program in specific user projects. An integrated Eye Dropper function enables users to pick out any color that is found on the computer screen. The newly added PhotoSchemer utility enables users to make color schemes from images and pictures. An Analyzer for Color Schemes facility locates the best background and text color combinations to be used in a project. The Color Mixer function creates gradients and blends colors together. The program’s Export Wizard allows for color schemes to be exported to different web design programs as well as user’s favorite graphics. Other enhancements and features included in the program are Pantone Converter, Simulation for ColorBlindness, an Import Wizard, and Print Utility. Users initially have to specify the starting color that the application can work with. A library of color palettes can be built and saved for future use.