ColorPic 4.1

Iconico (Freeware)

ColorPic is a useful tool that goes well with graphics editing softwares and applications.  Its main function is to make picking and grabbing colors possible and easy from one’s desktop, even from high resolution monitors.  

Practically any color from the screen can be picked by this program and, using its magnifier, users can zoom into the area of interest, resize the magnified portion, and take the colors they want which they can then put in a palette.  The program allows saving of multiple palettes.

Users can view colors in both decimal (RGB) and hexadecimal values (the color codes that begin with # sign) – which lets them select or adjust colors more precisely.  Using the allotted input boxes, they may choose to type in the code for the color they want, or edit its blue, green, and red values, as well as its saturation, value, and hue.  

ColorPic has other features, including color mixing using four advanced mixers, identifying websafe colors, option to snap to nearest websafe color, display of the percentages of black, yellow, cyan, and magenta, and more.  It is easy to use with other programs, and users can grab colors from just about any image, webpage, or other file or application.