ColorMania 4.0

Blacksun Software (Freeware)

ColorMania is a color picker used by developers, graphic artists, and designers. The program is capable of selecting any color present on the screen. It has a color grabber and a screen magnifier so that users can accurately get the color of a pixel. Another feature of the software is the HSL and RGB sliders. With these, users can tweak the colors further to come up with the perfect shade. The colors grabbed from the screen are automatically added to the program’s main window.

The application’s main interface consists of all the controls for grabbing and tweaking the colors grabbed from the screen. The color wheel is located at the right portion of the window, while the magnifier is located at the lower right. The sliders for the hue, brightness, and saturation are also present on the main window. The colors grabbed from the screen are displayed on the Palette.

Here are more features of the ColorMania program:
• Colors are websafe and there are pre-defined HTML color codes
• Colors can be displayed in different formats and can be used in Photoshop
• Provides users complete control over color management
• Ideal for beginners and professionals
• Palette colors can be saved