Coloring Book 5 - SHAREWARE 4.22.21

Dataware (Shareware)

Coloring Book 5 – SHAREWARE, published by Dataware, is the fifth installment of a computer program that features an amazing array of pictures that rival the best coloring books published for children. This interesting program is also known as Coloring Book 5: Alphabet Train. This is a good utility to use when a child is being taught how to color. It is a great tool for young beginners because a lot of thought was invested in putting it together.

In Coloring Book 5: Alphabet Train, every train car features one picture for each letter of the English alphabet. Kids love Coloring Book 5 - SHAREWARE as much as they enjoyed the first four programs that came out.

This program is a visually appealing learning tool for young children. The trial version has about 50 pictures arranged in alphabetical order. There are many images to choose from and this is one of the reasons why parents and children will find this utility quite useful. Here are some of the featured pictures in Coloring Book 5 – SHAREWARE: alligator, bird, clock, dinosaur, egg, frog, ghost, horse, insect, jewels, king, lizard, mouse, night, octopus, penguin, queen, rhinoceros, scorpion, toothbrush, unicorn, violin, wings, x-ray, yak, and zipper.