ColorImpact 4.1.2

TigerColor (Shareware)

ColorImpact is an application used for creating color schemes. It has a built-in color wheel that can be used by graphic artists and web designers. The program’s interface is simple to use. Users just have to pick a base color and the application suggests other colors that go well with the chosen color. The center of the main window displays a color wheel, while the left panel displays different color properties, such as the hex value and RGB or HSB levels. The color’s hue, darkness, saturation, and brightness can be tweaked with the sliders available. The right panel displays a color palette showing different hues. Other properties are displayed at the bottom part of the main window.

The program’s menu bar displays tabs for other features, such as Color Harmonies, Color Blender, Text Patterns, and Color Variations. Furthermore, color schemes from the application can be exported to different graphic design programs. The application supports different file formats including EMF, HTML, GIF, JPG, and PNG.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Support for extracting color palettes from photos and images
• Built-in color theory tutorial for beginners
• Color inspector provides detailed descriptions of color values
• Support for printing swatches