Color Cop 5.4.3

Jay Prall (Freeware)

Color Cop is a simple tool that allows users to get the exact hex code of colors on the desktop. The program is useful for designers and artists. The application has a small user interface that consists of R, G, B, fields, and an eyedropper tool. The application supports different types of hex modes including HTML Hex, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Hex, Delphi Hex, and Visual C++ Hex. Users just need to use the eyedropper tool over a color on the desktop and the program automatically displays the hex code for the user. Tools and features included in this application are as follows:

• Magnifier – The magnifier tool zooms in on an image on screen for the user to get the color of their choice.
• Color History – The last 7 colors the user has worked with are always displayed on the main window for easy access.
• Color Options – The program also comes with different color options, such as Convert to Grayscale, Random, WebSafe, and Reverse.
• Auto-copy to Clipboard – This feature automatically copies the color to the Windows clipboard so users can paste it on other applications or codes.
• Complementary Color Palette – The complementary color palette displays 42 colors that go well with the color the user chooses.