Comic Collector 5.3 (Shareware)

Comic Collector is an information management application that allows users to keep track of their comic collection. The program enables users to build a database of their comic collection including the relevant information for each comic that they own. Users can scan the barcode on their comics and information will automatically be added to the database. Manual adding of information can also be done. Information that can be added includes series titles, issue numbers, release date, cover date, lists of characters in the comic, edition, and many others. Creator lists (writers, editors, artists, pencillers, and inkers) as well as images (front and back cover, series art, and preview art) can also be added to the database.

The main window of the application has a simple and intuitive interface. A list of all the comics included in the database can be accessed from the left panel of the window, which shows a tree view of all the series titles and comic titles. The collection can be browsed in different views including list, images, or cover flow. Users can also add their favorite comics to a Favorites folder for easy access later on. The program is easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy.