CollageIt 1.9.3

Pearl Mountain Soft (Shareware)

CollageIt is an application that allows users to put together multiple images to create collages. Its myriad of potential uses include making social network profiles, scrapbooks, and greeting cards. Collages take only a few seconds to create.

Application interface contains a number of sliders and menus, which can be better understood by first reading the Getting Started program information. A program online tutorial equipped with snapshots is also provided for users. Collage creation is done by selecting an image, adjusting of image settings, previewing the image, and finally saving the completed collage. Image files may be imported via a drag and drop function or through the program’s file browser. Rotation changes, parsing adjustment, image shuffling, page layout alteration, interface skin modification, photo cropping, and collage orientation, background, and size, can all be customized. Shadow, random layouts, and photo frames can also be applied to images. Completed collages may be uploaded to popular sharing websites like Facebook or Flickr, sent through email, or set as a desktop wallpaper. Collage outputs may be in TIFF, GIF, PSD, JPG, PDF, PNG, and BMP formats. The application takes up a moderate load of a computer’s resources. Lastly, image quality is also preserved in resulting collage outputs.