Collage FX Studio 2.0

FoxArc Software Technologies (Shareware)

Collage FX Studio is a software application enables users to create photo collages and apply various effects on image files. Through this program, users can select from among several layout templates to design the collage and merge selected photos in any desired arrangement. It has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that offers various options to the user for customizing their photo collages. Selected photos are imported to the Collage FX Studio file list via a file browser window. Each of the uploaded images can be modified by adding masks, frames, clipart as well as changing its shape. In addition, the quality of the images can be enhanced to the user’s preference. This includes adjusting their brightness, contrast, and gamma levels. Layers of text can also be added to the collage if the user wishes to incorporate a title or caption to the collage.

The program features a brush tool that lets users apply hand-drawn elements and adjust their angle, opacity, and size. Users can also control the order of layers on the collage as well as view the history panel to undo or redo certain actions. The final product can be previewed by the user prior to saving it, and the collage can be re-edited in the future if necessary. The collage can be saved in the following image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIFF, BMP, and TIFF.