Colins COBUILD 2006

Colins COBUILD 2006 (Shareware)

Colins COBUILD 2006 is an English Dictionary for advanced learners. This edition contains new words and their meanings. The highlight of this collection is the addition of important new vocabulary additions to the English language in the past two years. This edition also stands out because of the phonetic transcriptions.

This program is a very useful learning resource for users mainly because of its unparalleled pedagogy. Like every other COBUILD dictionary ever released to the public, this one is based on the Bank of English. Now, this database contains about 650 million English words, and also provides users with online access to thousands of specialist words used in various fields of study.

Colins COBUILD 2006 is a good standard for people who are learning English as a second language. The definitions contained in this pocket PC version are clear and it stands out because it is intended for the use of non-native speakers of the English language. It is helpful because sample sentences are provided as well.

This online dictionary presents a convenient user interface. With one tap on the word the definition will be shown. The user can read the entries by scrolling up and down. The program also has a copy-paste function. Colins COBUILD 2006 is functional and adequate for everyday use.