Ubisoft (Proprietary)

ColdFear is a survival horror game where players represent Tom Hansen, the game’s main character who is currently a member of the Coast Guard of the United States. His mission is investigation of a certain Russian whaler, called Eastern Spirit, which is currently sailing on the Beiring Strait. The opening scene of the game shows a team identifying and checking the contents of the cargo. Suddenly, they were killed by an unidentifiable entity which prompted CIA agent Bennett to start an inquiry. As Hansen continues his investigation, he discovered that the ship is occupied by Russian soldiers and some bizarre beasts they call “exocells.” These organisms feed on humans and are considered a threat.

The rest of the ColdFear game is Tom Hansen’s journey in getting to the root of the mystery. The game allows the players to choose between a behind-the-shoulder camera angle or a fixed camera angle. There are various external factors which come with the sailing ship which can affect how players control the game. The game takes place in the middle of the ocean during a storm so turbulence is expected and can happen at unexpected times depending on the game’s tactics. Other environmental factors like electric wires and ropes can also affect the player’s aim and their ability to walk straight.