Cold War Assault

Bohemia Interactive (Proprietary)

Cold War Assault is a military combat simulation game developed by the company, Bohemia Interactive and published by Codemasters. The plot is set during World War II on the fictional island of Nogovo, which is also the homeland of the main character Victor Troska. Three major forces are fighting over the Malden Islands: the US, Soviet Union, and Victor’s nation. The player takes on the role of Victor Troska, who joins his squad as either the leader or a member. The rest of the squad members are AI-controlled, which support the player in attacking opponents. The player has access to all available vehicles that are needed to carry out a mission or order. Both on-foot and vehicle-based combat can be viewed from first and third-person perspectives, as well as a limited birds-eye view of the area, which is only accessible to squad leaders.

The game becomes strategy-based when the player takes command of a non-player character squad. When the player assumes the role of a squad leader, s/he is granted the ability to give various orders to the members of the squad such as formation, priority targets, and other tactical directions. Available combat vehicles include tanks, choppers, patrol boats, and armored personal carriers. The firearm selection includes sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, and other high-powered weapons.