Colasoft Ping For Windows

Colasoft Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Colasoft Ping Tool is an application developed by Colasoft Co. that is used as a ping network tool that supports multiple IP addresses at the same time. The primary purpose of a ping tool is to determine if a certain IP address exists. A ping tool is also considered as a network system that is used to test the capability of a computer to reach a specific host and also used to measure the speed and frequency of data that is being transferred from a specific period of time. The term was derived from a sonar terminology that means echo detected underwater and sound pulse.

The application’s window displays the number of IP address being verified relative to time. The X axis corresponds to the real ping time while the Y axis corresponds to the response time. Once the ping process is done, the system will produce a summary report containing locations, IP addresses, packets sent or received. The summary report also includes the source and target IP addresses. Colasoft Ping Tool can check and view historical information by saving network information as .bmp files. The application can verify IP address of analyzed packets, target IP address, and source IP address.