Colasoft Packet Builder 1.0

Colasoft Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Colasoft Packet Builder is an application that creates custom packets in a network. Packets are formatted unit of data. In contrast to transferring data using a series of bits, bytes and characters, having packets allows for faster and efficient data transfer. The user interface displays the Hex Editor, Packet List, and Decode Editor. Packet List simply displays the available packets created. Once a packet is selected, it automatically displays on the hex and decode editor, ready for editing. The Hex editor displays ASCII characters and hexadecimal values, while decode Editor allows editing without knowing the value length and byte order. It simply requires the user to select the field and alter the value. Any changes done on one window will reflect automatically on the other windows.

Creating a packet with Colasoft Packet Builder can be done in several ways. An existing packet trace file can be imported from Colasoft Capsa and other packet builders. The user can make use of the commonly used packet format included on the packet builder, such as Ethernet Packet, IP Packet, and TCP Packet and make revisions using the Edit menu. There are also Add and Insert functions on the menu if the user is comfortable creating an entirely new packet. The application can also be used for saving and sending packets to a network.