CoffeeCup Website Access Manager

CoffeeCup Software (Proprietary)

CoffeeCup Website Access Manager is a website control tool developed by CoffeeCup Software and released on November 2013. The program enables users to control areas of their websites that are meant for members only. This prevents non-members from accessing that particular area, and provides the user an easy way to manage this. The program allows users to add a password protection over certain areas or pages while leaving other areas accessible by the general public. This is particularly useful when posting private family pictures, or for shopping sites where discounts are limited to members only.

CoffeeCup Website Access Manager Password protection can be configured for the whole site, or for certain pages only. To be able to access it, visitors need to provide their information, as well as the password. However, before this can be done, the user or website provider has to set up all the users for the website. User information will include a Username and password. The developers can also add some other information including Addresses, Phone numbers, and email address.  Users can also further customize the user profiles by adding the time zone and preferred language. The program supports an unlimited number of users when creating user profiles. These information are stored in the developer’s computer and not uploaded online, thus, there is no security concern.