CoffeeCup Web Video Recorder 3.0

CoffeeCup Software (Freeware)

CoffeeCup Web Video Recorder is a program that allows users to record their own videos and stream it on their personal or professional websites. The application comes with instructions on how to use the program for recording videos. It can be used by both novice and advanced computer users. The program’s tools enable users to have complete control over the settings and appearance of the video. Furthermore, users can add images to the video as it supports different image file formats including GIF, BMP, and JPG. The output video will be in FLV or Flash video format, which is recognized and used by video sharing websites.

The application’s user interface is simple and intuitive. The left side of the window shows the video player with the command buttons (record, stop, play, and pause) located underneath it. The right side of the window is where users can change the settings for the video including the text and image overlays. Some of the settings that can be changed include the font, font style, color, alignment, scroll direction, and scroll speed.

Here are the other features of the CoffeeCup Web Video Recorder application:

• Videos can be uploaded to video sharing sites
• Add effects, text, and images to video
• Users can add a watermark to their videos