CoffeeCup Video WebCam

CoffeeCup Software (Shareware)

CoffeeCup Video WebCam is a video capture software developed by CoffeeCup Software.  The program enables users to capture their image and to share such online. The program utilizes the installed web camera of the computer and enables users to share live web cam images.  Aside from that, the program enables users to train the web camera in a specific place for purposes of surveillance. The program can be configured to notify the user when there is a change in the scene being surveyed. This is highly useful in case the user would like to keep an eye on a specific room of the house like the baby’s room. It can also be used to view what goes on inside of a specific area in their workplace. For example, business owners can keep an eye over the warehouse, or the cashier aisle. The program utilizes simple commands to initiate these tasks. However, users can also configure the commands through the HTML wizard. The program can also be embedded on an existing website.

CoffeeCup Video WebCam  features a simple graphical user interface with the menu bar at the top, function buttons below, and the Video display window occupying most of the screen. Users can start, pause, or stop the video capture using the buttons at the bottom of the window. The right panel displays the Capture Gallery where images captured using the program can be accessed.