CoffeeCup Photo Gallery 6.0

CoffeeCup (Shareware)

CoffeeCup Photo Gallery is an application that allows users to create online photo galleries. The program is ideal for beginners, as using it does not require any coding knowledge. It supports a wide variety of image file formats including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, and many others. With this application, users are able to customize the way the photo gallery looks by changing the background color, width and height, borders, components, transitions, and the general layout. There is also an option to add graphics to the photo gallery.

Other features of the CoffeeCup Photo Gallery program are the following:

• allows users to create an infinite number of photo galleries
• comes with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tool for uploading photos
• preview of the photo gallery before publishing online
• add custom captions to each photo included in the photo gallery
• photo protection to prevent users from downloading pictures from the photo gallery

Photo galleries created with the CoffeeCup Photo Gallery application are Flash-based. This provides an interactive experience when viewing the photo galleries anywhere on the web. The program also allows users to organize pictures in different albums to make it easier to create themed photo galleries.