CoffeeCup HTML Editor 12.7 Build 456

CoffeeCup Software (Shareware)

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is an HTML editor program developed by CoffeeCup Software. It was initially released in August 1996. The program is used for making web pages with additional functionalities making it a comprehensive web design program. The program enables users to create new CSS/HTML files from scratch or start by launching a new project using an existing layout/theme. There’s even the “Open from Web” functionality, which is used for opening a certain website’s file. This application is also capable of managing website projects with its Website Projects feature. This feature provides comprehensive tools that give users total control over how a website is structured or organized.

HTML Editor from CoffeeCup provides three tools for ensuring that the codes used in the web pages are valid. These are the Tag Reference section for putting the right tags, Code Completion tool that provides tags suggestions and a built-in Validation tool for verifying different types of codes. This HTML Editor also provides immediate visual support while editing a webpage. There’s the Split-Screen Preview feature for viewing a webpage shown right below the code and the External Preview feature for displaying the webpage in another monitor/window. Previewing web pages before publishing them is possible as well. This program can also be used to sync web pages to an S-Drive or uploading them to a web host.

Other available features in CoffeeCup HTML Editor include:
• Additional designed themes
• CSS/HTML code completion
• Characters tab for inserting entities/characters
• Tags tab and more