CoffeeCup Flash Website Search

CoffeeCup Software (Shareware)

CoffeeCup Flash Website Search is a unique program that lets users create a customized search engine for the use of site visitors. This is a handy utility that gives website owners the chance to provide another feature that can help increase site traffic. The capabilities of this program enable web owners to customize the experience of visitors who are browsing their web pages.

CoffeeCup Flash Website Search is an award-winning utility that has received accolades from the Shareware Industry Award. Aside from this award-giving body, this tool has also received recognition from other organizations for its range of dependable features.

CoffeeCup Flash Website Search is an easy-to-use utility. There is no need for advanced computer or programming know-how and training. The program first requires the user to enter the website address. Then it reads the site content and lists all the pages. Afterwards this tool proceeds to organize them into a comprehensive database. T o enable visitors to search the Website content, the user only needs to add the cool Flash search box to the page and it is then ready for use.

CoffeeCup Flash Website Search may sound complicated to use but is it a very handy utility. The company that developed this tool is an American software developer based in Georgia, which produces a number of designing and editing tools.