CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder 1.1

CoffeeCup (Shareware)

CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder is an application that enables users to create menus for websites. Users do not need extensive knowledge in programming and development in order to use the application, as coding is not needed. The application supports CSS3 and HTML menus. The program comes with layouts that can be used as a base for the menu design. Users can then tweak the appearance of the layout according to their preferences. Main features of the application are listed below:

• Menu sizes can be tweaked – The program supports creating menus for viewing websites on different types of devices. This allows users to create small to large menus as needed on the website.
• Drag and drop feature – Organizing the position of buttons on the menus can be done by just dragging and dropping them on different positions on the menu.
• Breakpoint management – The breakpoint management tool allows users to create accurate menus that will be perfect with the size of the screen. There is no limit to the amount of breakpoints to be added for each project.
• Responsive menus – The responsive slider that comes with the application enables users to create menus that will automatically adapt to the size of the screen.
• Add icons – Users can add icons to make menus more attractive.