Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (Shareware)

CodeWarrior is a software that functions as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides comprehensive facilities and utilities to programmers for software development. Although its main purpose is for running embedded systems in software creation, it is capable of performing other tasks because of its composite build comprising of a source code editor, a debugger, a processor expert, and several build automation tools, all set as integrated features.

CodeWarrior was originally developed for the Motorola 68K, thus, it used to include several additional features such as a compiler and an interpreter, either Net Beans or Eclipse. It is an essential tool in the development of the software development environment that aids computer programmers in visualizing and conceptualizing the over-all Graphical User Interface of a software through a control system of integrated tools. Although CodeWarrior was designed to support Windows 95 and NT only, after Motorola concentrated on embedded applications, the program branched out in terms of features, adding a class browser, an object browser and viewer, and a class hierarchy diagram for object-oriented application software. With all of its tools, features, and additional functionality, the software ensures user productivity while working with tight-knit components used in authoring, compiling, modifying, deploying, and debugging software outputs.