3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH (Freeware)

CoDeSys OPC is a computer component of the program CoDeSys Automation Suite, or simply CoDeSys, which is developed by 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH. This is a standard interface that enables users to access the data of automation processes. The term OPC stands for OLE for Process Control, which is also called as CODESYS OPC Server. Its primary function is to read or write data using the controller, which is the CoDeSys program itself. It supports multi-client and multi-PLC connections.

This application is bundled with the CoDeSys Automation Suite or Development System, this comes free to download for registered users. It mainly consists of a server, a configurator of the server, and a logger, usually for debugging or fixing errors. Moreover, there is a need to connect to controllers that are compatible with the program, and have a symbol configuration when data is exported.

Some of the features of CoDeSys OPC are the following:
• Automatic start of a client connection and automatic trigger once a data status or value is changed
• Management of OPC items in data cache, such as sorting them in groups as public or private
• Access to data directly from the controller without cache
• Integration of data logger for diagnostic tests
• Connection to controllers using CoDeSys V2.3