CoDeSys Gateway Server

3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH (Proprietary)

CoDeSys Gateway Server is a Win32 program used as a stand-alone data server. It is a comprehensive server for large data used in communication processes among CoDeSys programming systems and CoDeSys SP-based PLCs. CoDeSys Gateway Server functions virtually and carries out server tasks, such as accessing a certain controller data or command through API - a feature that allows personal exchange of system data between running programs within the same device channeled via a SCADA system. The software also has the capacity to retrieve program interfaces of other connected devices provided that the programs support both OPC and DDE, or any of the two.

CoDeSys Gateway Server enables users to remotely access PLC-shared files, entries, and data. This is done by connecting the computer to TCP/IP and running virtual controllers that run smoothly using CAN of other bus types. If TCP/IP is not available, users may also connect their devices to the Internet and covertly access important files from other computers. Additionally, the server supports more modern communication drivers as long as they are capable of running the DLL interface. Its advanced multiple facility support grants users the ability to simultaneously open and access a large number of applications through the main controller or the main server of the network.