CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro 6.2.3

1STEIN (Proprietary)

CodedColor PhotoStudio Pro is a photo editor and image organizer for PCs. It was developed to edit and modify photographs and images. It can also be used to export Web album galleries, contact information sheets, annotations, group conversations, and screen shots.

It is equipped with an intuitive and simple interface that features various tools for photo editing. Such include a thumb generation tool for faster viewing. The color-variable brush allows the users to modify the color and texture of the photograph. The Panorama Viewer is used for wide spanning images. The photo editor also memorizes the settings used, and creates shortcuts for each opened image. It also has a tool that directly copies a downsized photo onto the clipboard. The interface also allows users to view images in slideshows. These images can be custom sorted, cataloged, resized, rotated, and resampled. It also has tools that remove red eye, artifacts, and scratches. The users are also allowed to correct and adjust color contrast, brightness, and sharpness.

When CTRL + P is pressed, the user will be directed to the print dialog box. When photographs are viewed in print dialog, they are in their default sizes. That way, the photographs can be printed in any orientation – portrait or landscape. It can be used as a scanner and for TWAIN import. This application also comes with a comprehensive manual and database for data storage.