Tsunami (Freeware)

Codec Sniper is a system utility developed by Tsunami and released on August 2007. The program enables users to scan the system and display all the installed codecs in the computer. Users may likewise manage the codecs that are scanned by the program. The program will recognize all the codecs installed in the system whether they were installed individually or installed as part of a codec package. Scanned codecs will be displayed with their corresponding codec name, version, and file location. In cases where the codec name is confusing, users can utilize the FourCC support. This tool enables users to read and understand the each specific codec. The display window also features the codec status to confirm whether they had been properly installed or not. The Status field also states whether the codec can be utilized by media players or not.

Codec Sniper enables users to display all the codecs installed, as well as manage them. Users can delete or remove specific codecs that are no longer necessary. Removing a codec is easy as the program features a one-click option to do just this. However, removing a codec that was installed as part of a pack may result in some inconvenience if a codec component for the other installed codecs is included in the folder of the codec to be removed. Users can likewise save the list of codecs into a TXT file format. Users may also print the list.