Code::Blocks 12.11

The Code::Blocks Team (Freeware)

Code::Blocks is a freeware IDE developed by the Code::Blocks Team.  IDE refers to Integrated Development Environment. The program features development facilities for software developers and computer programmers. As with other IDE, Code::Blocks includes a source code builder, a debugger, and a build automation tool.

This IDE includes a Compiler with multiple compiler support. These include GCC, Digital Mars, Open Watcom, Borland C+++, and MSVC +++. The program features parallel build support for multiple-core CPUs. The compiler likewise provides multi-project support optimized by the Code::Blocks  workspace.  The program also includes a debugger tool featuring interface support for MS CDB and GNU GDB. The tool includes full support for different types of breakpoints include data and code breakpoints. The tool also features support for breakpoint conditions and ignore counts. The debugger tool also includes call stack, disassembly, and user-defined watches. It also enables users to create custom memory dumps and switch between threads. The Code::Block Interface supports syntax highlighting, code folding, and code completion. It also offers a tabbed interface and a Class Browser. The program supports Smart Indent and one-key swap.

This IDE is written in C++ developing language. It is open source as provided by the developers. It also works on multiple platforms including Mac, Linux, and Windows. The functionality of the program can also be extended by the use of plugins that may be created by developers or downloaded from other developers.