Code Visual to Flowchart 6.0

Fate Software (Shareware)

Code Visual to Flowchart is a tool that automatically generates a flow chart from code. The application is commonly used when documenting source code with the use of a flow chart. The program supports several inputs including BMP, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Visio. The application also supports several programming languages.

The program consists of a flow chart window and a code editor. The code flowchart that is generated on the window is synchronized with the code provided on the editor. Any changes made to the code are immediately seen on the flow chart. The application’s main window displays a tree view of folders and files on the left side of the window. The flow chart is displayed at the right side. Code Visual to Flowchart is capable of handling basic and complex codes. Charts created with the application can then be exported to different formats for the user’s reference.

Here are the other key features of Code Visual to Flowchart:

• Support for unlimited expansion levels for programming flow charts
• Capable of exporting the programming source code as HTML or RTF
• Comes with two display modes for flow charts
• Has syntax highlighting function for the programming source code
• Users can work on several source codes all at the same time