Code of Honor 2

City Interactive (Proprietary)

Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island is a computer video game in which the player becomes a member of the elite French Foreign Legion. In this game, the legion is tasked to perform operations on French Guiana to safely secure the area against the enemies. General Mendoza and his group of mercenaries have captured the Ile Royale research facility. Their taking over of the facility’s nuclear reactor puts the entire region in danger. The government of France must now find a way to solve this problem before the world knows of what happened. As a member of the French Foreign Legion, the character and his team must infiltrate French Guiana and remove the enemies from French Territory.

Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island is a first-person shooter game. This means the player sees the game environment from the eyes of the character. With an island as a setting, the player is able to explore a cave system and a number of prisons where some of the missions are located. A unique feature of the game is the Covert System, which allows the player to shoot from behind cover. Some of the in-game objects can be used as weapons. There are a number of weapons that can also be used to charge through the research facility.