CoCreate Modeling

Parametric Technology GmbH (Proprietary)

CoCreate Modeling  is a 3D CAD modeling software developed by Parametric Technology. The program enables users to create 3D CAD designs with very short production runs. This program is useful for designers with short design cycles and many design assignments. It is an all-in-one solution capable of creating and editing 3D Designs, as well as some simulation and visualization functions. The program also offers real-time rendering, as well as support for shadows, textures, and mirror plane. It also features conversion support for Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA, and NX.

CoCreate Modeling features several modeling modules necessary for 3D CAD Design. These are 3D Access, Advanced Design, Cabling, Finite Element Analysis, Mold Base, Sheet Metal, Surfacing, and Part Library. Advanced Design module enables users to create designs for parts, figure out mechanical and physical assemblies, as well as coordinate measuring systems. This module also allows users to render animations complete with simulation relationships. Cabling module takes care of electrical and mechanical wiring design. Users can create harnesses, lay out cables, and design harness routes. Mold Plates module enables users to design mold plates and design components. The module offers an intelligent tooling function useful in creating plastic injection molds. Surfacing module allows users to design freeform shapes and stylized surfaces. Parts Library module provides users with a comprehensive listing of parts essential for any design project.

CoCreate Modeling  has been renamed PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.