CoCreate Designer Drafting

CoCreate Software GmbH (Shareware)

CoCreate Designer Drafting is a multifaceted 2D CAD software designed for mechanical engineers and designers. It acts as a powerful tool in creating and designing a collection or parts and subparts of complex assemblies and drawings. The software comes in an interactive interface that supports smooth formulation of mechanical pieces, as well as the integration of existing drawings. CoCreate Designer Drafting has editing features that allow users to dictate the measurements of objects, modify designing rules, and change the dimensions of all or part of an assembly structure. It runs on CoPilot geometrical scaling that aids in the adjustment of highly detailed sub-assemblies and subparts.

The software comes with a Parts Browser that guides and helps users all throughout the designing process. The browser supports a variety of operations including: sub-assembly or subpart identification, perspective setup and creation, parts renaming and classification, and multiple assembly scaling, among others. Its advanced modification processes support unlimited undo and redo operations while its selection techniques utilize basic commands for entity and drawing element selection. It supports an array of languages provided they are primarily based on standard Unicode. Finally, CoCreate Designer Drafting is equipped with a "merge parts" option that allows the mixture of large-assembly drawings and structures.