Coconut Queen

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Coconut Queen is a time management game in which players are tasked to improve the island of Lui Lui to become its queen. Players assume the role of Liz of the Colorado Coconut Company or CoCoCo, who was sent to the island to see why its fruit production has dwindled. Players must build a thriving tropical resort for tourists to generate income and bring the fruit production back on track. With the help of handsome natives, players build hotels, cabanas, water parks, hot tubs, restaurants and other amenities to make the resort a premium vacation paradise. There are seven enchanting locations to develop over 55 levels. Players not only build up to 30 buildings but also design the landscape. Each level has an objective and players have to meet the goal in order to advance to the next.

In Coconut Queen, players can purchase new buildings and structures as well as buy upgrades using the gems they earn after completing a level. Gems can also be used to unlock new routes or pathways leading to the island to bring in more tourists. Income can be generated from the rent collected from tourists as well as profits from markets and buffets. The more appealing a resort or amenity is, the more satisfied tourists will be.