Cockroach on Desktop 1.2

Drive Software Company (Freeware)

Cockroach on Desktop is a desktop tool that adds realistic-looking cockroaches on the screen. The program can be set to launch at system start-up so that the cockroaches appear immediately once the system has booted up. The program’s icon sits on the system tray and the menu can be brought up by clicking on it. Shortcuts for adding cockroaches can also be seen on the menu (add one cockroach, remove all cockroaches, or add five cockroaches). On the settings window, users can check the option to always display the cockroaches on top and to load them on startup. There is also an option to set the number of cockroaches that appear during startup.  

The cockroaches move on the desktop randomly. They appear in different sizes and shapes, and move in varying speeds. Whenever the user launches a new program, five new cockroaches are added to the screen. The cockroaches can be removed by clicking on the remove option on the settings window, or by double clicking on a cockroach with the mouse button.

Other features of the program are the following:

• Cockroaches move realistically across the screen
• Does not consume a lot of system resources
• Multilanguage support (German, English, and French)