Cobian Backup

Luis Cobian, CobianSoft (Freeware)

Cobian Backup is a backup program initially released in 2000 by CobianSoft. It is used for scheduling and backing up of files and directories either on a local computer or another computer within a network. Using CD/DVD, Internal/External Hard Driver or a USB device as the output destination is possible. The application also supports FTP and Unicode backup in both download and upload setting. It comes in two versions – service and application. This means that the program can be installed as either a service that runs in a computer’s background or a program.

Cobian Backup only copies files and directories in either compressed or original mode to a different location. This creates a security copy of the files. The program also offers different mode of backups including compression (SQX, Zip and 7z), differential, encryption and incremental backups. Each backup mode has its own settings. Scheduling and configuring regular backups is possible as well. This means that the program can be set to do a differential backup on a specified schedule or do a full backup every nth time of the month. The program is capable of splitting Zip files. It also features Volume Shadow Copy. Using file attribute logic and creating separate backups via timestamps is possible as well. Aside from these, the application also has tools for displaying history backups and removing old backups.