CN Levelator

The Conversations Network (Freeware)

CN Levelator is an audio optimization application developed by The Conversations Network. The program enables users to edit audio files, particularly podcasts, to obtain the best sound quality achievable. The program makes audio level adjustments of a given audio segment which is performed using several techniques including limiting processing, audio normalization, and discrete compression.

This program treats the whole audio file as one segment and as such, the program normalizes the varying levels of sound. This results in an evenly modulated audio recording. This is highly useful when listening to conference recordings where the speakers have different voice and microphone levels. It is also useful when listening to a compilation of different recordings made on different situations, thus having different ambient sounds and audio settings.

CN Levelator creates a new audio file from the source file. This leaves the source file untampered. The new file will contain a balanced audio level, as well as a uniform volume level all throughout the recording. The new file will be saved in the same file format as the source file, but with the extension “.output” appended at the end of the name. The program supports several PCM audio file formats including AIFF and WAV. CN Levelator was discontinued in 2012.