CMUD 3.34

Zugg Software (Shareware)

CMUD is an application that allows users to connect to various MUD Games via the Internet and play them. It is also used to provide them options that can be helpful in playing games. Some of those include buttons, keys, maps, macros, and databases. This tool is basically a second generation type of MUD client, and compatible with zMUD. It has additional features and improvement for better expandability and more stable performance.

CMUD is developed for two kinds of MUD players. It is not just designed for novice players, but also for advanced players. Players can have access to available MUD games online through the built-in list feature of this application. It is how beginning players can learn the different features, commands, and options of the tool, and ultimately become advanced users. On the other hand, advanced players have the option to create scripts and customize other features of the application. They can make programs that they can use for interaction with other software installed in their PCs.

Other features of CMUD:
• Modern user interface with new script editor
• Automatically saves scripts to old or new database formats
• Automatic mapping
• Lua scripting language support
• Built-in syntax for major scripts, such as JavaScript, VBScript, Lua, and Python