Alex Ellis (Open Source)

Cluedo, or Clue as it is called in Northern America, is a classic board game that was designed and created by Anthony E. Pratt. It is marketed as the “classic detective game” although there have been several spinoffs of the original version, including several other game types, a film, and numerous books. The game is played using the players’ skills of deduction.  It takes place in a large mansion with several rooms. The players assume the role of one of the six suspects to a murder. They try to deduce who among themselves committed the crime, in which room, and with what weapon.

From an independent developer named Alex Ellis comes a virtual version of the game. Written in Java, players can enjoy the classic game of Cluedo on their desktop or laptop computers. The game features wonderfully-designed AI players, several maps as well as map making tools, user configurable and customizable weapons and character cards or images, and multiple language support. The game also supports network play, allowing players from all over the world to interact with each other. The game, being open source, gives players access to the source code, giving them the ability to make customizations, bug fixes, and other tweaks to the game to make it run to their own liking.