Clownfish for Skype Setup

Shark Labs (Freeware)

Clownfish for Skype Setup is an application that translates all the outgoing messages for Skype. The application supports over 50 different languages. Users have several options when choosing translation services to use with the program. Some of them are Babylon Translate, Google Translate, Microsoft Live, SysTran, or PROMT. Users can write messages in their native language and the recipient will receive the translated version of the message.

Clownfish for Skype Setup has a built-in spell checker that checks the messages in real time. It also has text to speech support for translating incoming messages to speech. Another feature of the application is voice call recording. With this tool, users can record voice calls from Skype. The application also has a voice changer tool that enables users to change the sound of their voices during calls with the preset effects, such as pitch, echo, and chorus. Clownfish for Skype has a built-in music player, too. This feature can be used during a call so that users can have background music.

Other features of the Clownfish for Skype application include the following:
• Broadcast messages to contacts with just one click
• Email notifications
• Support for encryption of messages
• Show avatar image for messages received