CloudStation 4.2


CloudStation is a personal storage solution that goes beyond the use of network hard drives. Through this program, the user can access and share files, music, photos and videos with others. A link to the file can be shared so that those who do not own a CloudStation can still access it. There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded. The user can either grant full access sharing to others or set restrictions with regards to file viewing. When changes have been done on the file being shared, the portal will automatically send an e-mail notifying the sharer. An e-mail is also sent when the device detects any error or threat.

Contents can be access via any web browser or mobile device. It can support multiple CloudStation hard drives using just one account. Conversely, the owner can allocate storage for multiple-account usage.  It is featured with a global search that can scan all devices tied to the user’s account. A sleep function is included that can schedule at which times the device have to be turned on and off.

Slideshows can be created directly on the site. Files are automatically organized chronologically. The program has a built-in media player that arranges music by artist, album, and genre. Files in Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF formats can displayed without the installation of additional software.