CloudMe Easy Upload 1.6.1

CloudMe (Freeware)

CloudMe Easy Upload was a service offered by the CloudMe suite of online storage solutions, which is developed by the company of the same name. CloudMe itself is a service that allows desktop computer users to synchronize the contents of a specified local folder in “the cloud”, which refers to remote servers that host duplicates of the user’s files.

Users can synchronize their files to the cloud by using CloudMe, which offers subscribers a downloadable program that serves as a shell extension of Windows Explorer. Once the program is installed, a CloudMe folder is created alongside the default folders in the computer. All files saved in the CloudMe folder are automatically uploaded and stored remotely. Revisions to files in the folder prompts the program to upload a newer version of the file, ensuring that all user files are exact duplicates of those in the local folder.

Once files are synced, users can gain access to copies of their local files by logging into the CloudMe website and using the web-based file browser. They can use the online file explorer to download a copy of their files and upload new files to their CloudMe account.

Currently, the Easy Upload functionality has been discontinued. In its place is a feature called CloudMe Sync, which mimics the same set of features offered by the defunct service.