Cloudmark DesktopOne 1.4.0

Cloudmark, Inc. (Shareware)

Cloudmark DesktopOne is an application that protects the users' email from spam. The software does it by first integrating with an email client. Examples of email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. These email clients pull the user's inbox from a web-based email (such as Gmail) and make it available on the computer desktop. When installed, the program automatically scans the folders in the email for spam. It also looks for viruses and phishing activities. When all the files have been scanned, it displays the total number of files scanned, as well as the total number of spam. The program automatically deletes spam on the user's inbox. It can also do the same for old spam emails before the software is installed. Furthermore, the program can continue filtering even if the email program is already closed. It has the ability to scan folders of multiple email addresses in just one window.

There are some cases when an email is identified as a spam even if it is really a legitimate email. Because of this, the software lets the user have the option to "trust" emails coming from the account's address book. Additionally, the program has a user manual for user inquiries.