Close Combat: First To Fight

Destineer Studios (Proprietary)

Close Combat: First to Fight is a FPS game released by Destineer Studios in April 2005. FPS stands for First Person Shooter. The game is a squad –based game featuring a team of 4 US Marines assigned in Lebanon to bolster defenses that were weakened due to the absence of the Prime Minister. The PM has fallen sick and must leave the office. This prompts enemy forces Syria and Iran to try to gain control over Lebanon. Thus, the United States sends the Marine Corps to control the situation. The player takes charge of the remaining 3 Marines as Lance Corporal.

Close Combat: First to Fight features four enemy factions battling between each other. These are the Militia, the Syrian Army, Atash Movement, and Iranian Special Forces. The Militia is composed of former Lebanese soldiers who sided with Syrian leader and arms dealer Akhbar al-Soud. The Syrian Army is a group of soldiers headed by suspected terrorist General Bakr. The group are armed with automatic weapons and heavy weaponry. The Atash Movement is composed of extremist Islamic forces headed by Muslim cleric Tarik Qadan. The group is supported by the Iranian government.  The Atash is supported by the Iranian Special Forces composed of trained commandos. The latter is headed by terrorist supporter Abdullah bin Katan.

Close Combat: First to Fight is released for the Wii console and renamed as Marines: Modern Urban Combat.