Clonk Rage

RedWolf Design GmbH (Freeware)

Clonk Rage is a 2D game in the Clonk series of single and multiplayer strategy games. It has support for up to four players on one computer, and an unlimited number of players online through an Internet or LAN connection. In this game, players control small humanoids called Clonks using the mouse or the keyboard. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opponent’s Clonks or mine resources to build up a base.

The game is set in a vast modifiable landscape, where Clonks interact with the environment, including the weather, objects, buildings, and animals. The landscape featured mountains, deserts, hills, arctic wastelands, and even floating islands. The game also features changing weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, rain, and snow.

The game’s missions depend on the scenario, and can vary between cooperative missions and strategic siege scenarios. Players can also build structures using materials their Clonks have created in complex resource production chains. The more they build, the more they are able to extend their base. Players develop new weapons and make use of tactics to prepare for battle and defeat opponents.

The game comes with an integrated developer mode that enables players to create their own game scenarios, mission objectives, and individual game goals.