CloneSpy 2.7

Marcus Kleinehagenbrock (Freeware)

CloneSpy is an application that finds duplicate files in the computer. The program allows users to delete duplicate files to have more free space in the system. It is capable of finding duplicates, files with the same file name, files that have the same size, and zero-byte files. CloneSpy can also sort the duplicate files. They can be deleted, moved to a specific folder, or replaced. Additionally, users can export a list of all the duplicate files if they choose to keep the file in the system.

The program’s interface consists of three parts – Pool 1, Pool 2, and Checksum (CSC) files. On the right hand side of the screen, users can configure the search settings and the action to be done with the duplicate files. Once all the settings have been configured, click on the ‘Start scanning’ button at the bottom of the screen to start the process. The results window shows a list of all the duplicate files once the scan is complete. There are buttons for actions to be done with the duplicate files.

CloneSpy comes with a help file that can be viewed by pressing the F1 key. It is advisable for beginners to read the help file before making any changes to the system to avoid important files from being deleted.