Elaborate Bytes AG (Shareware)

CloneDVD is a compact disk (CD) / digital versatile disk (DVD) authoring program that was first released in March 2004. With CloneDVD, users can copy a whole movie, including special features and subtitles. You may choose to include or exclude to copy the original menu as well. You may also choose among various options to adjust audio and language selections.

This program has a transcoding technology that compresses your choice of DVD titles. CloneDVD has a feature called ‘Film Strip Assistant’ that helps you navigate all settings, step by step. It has another feature called ‘Video Preview’ that shows an overview of DVD titles so you can pick your own settings. CloneDVD also allows visual quality control that shows the direct influence of the language and title selections to the movie copy’s quality. With CloneDVD, users also have the options to trim chapters, too.

In order to make use of the application's functionality, a DVD-Writer unit is required so that the information may be copied and saved to a DVD-Recordable media. CloneDVD can be used to create and make copies of any DVD movie that is not copy-protected. If you attempt to copy a protected movie, the application will display a corresponding warning and automatically stop the recording process.