Clone Remover 3.9


Clone Remover is an application that locates duplicate files in computer drives and folders. Computer folders, .rar and .zip archives are also searched for duplicates.

The program is able to locate files which contain the same contents despite differences in file names. Duplicate images can also be located. For example, two files having identical pictures can be located if there is a difference in terms of resolutions. Files having zero sizes and similar names or extensions can be located as well. A special utility is provided that enables quick selection of files.  Duplicate music files can be searched via track comparisons in terms of comment, album, artist, name, year, and genre. A single MP3 tag or several ones can be searched simultaneously. Specific folders which are not to be included in searches can be specified by users. File groups to be searched can also be designated such as music and video, office documents, Web, images, and archives. Search management is possible since users can move, copy, and delete files that are found in searches. Search parameters can also be set and saved. Search results can be saved into text files. Searches can also be paused at any time. Discovered duplicates can be sent to the computer’s Recycle bin, copied to separate folders, or simple deleted.