Clock Tower 3D Screensaver v1.0

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Clock Tower 3D Screensaver is a screensaver developed by 3Planesoft and released on November 2005. It features a three-dimensional view of a clock tower located in a quaint provincial town with narrow streets and small houses. The clock face reflects the correct time. The clock tower strikes quarterly—every hour, every half hour, and every quarter to or from the hour. The skies in the background likewise mirrors the time of day as set in the computer. Enjoy the sunset, the noon day sun, the moonlight, and the sunrise striking the clock face.

Clock Tower 3D Screensaver features some configuration options including video mode selection and monitor selection. Monitor selection is particularly useful when there is more than one monitor connected to the system and the user wants to apply the screensaver to select monitors only. The program automatically detects which monitors are currently installed. Users may also click the tick box for High Texture quality for better graphics. This screensaver also enables users to customize Gamma control; however, it is set in 1.0 by default. The FPS or frames per second utilized by the screensaver can be customized to show on screen while the screensaver is running.

This screensaver also comes pre-installed with ambient sounds, chime sounds, and music to enhance the experience. Musical effects may be adjusted as to volume or ticked off altogether.