Clixxpixx Design Suite

Promaxx Innovative PC Media GmbH (Shareware)

Clixxpixx Design Suite is intended for users who require an effective album design software. Its main purpose is to facilitate the creation of a photo album in the fastest, most convenient way possible. The user interface is easy to learn and operate. Photo albums created using this program suite may be exported as JGP files, which is a popular and widely-used mage format.

This design suite features a compact toolbox for designing, laying out, and printing a design project. Clixxpixx Design Suite is a handy tool for designers. It offers users with tools, which can be used to produce creative outputs in a short period of time. With this program, anyone who can manipulate a computer mouse can make the most of the convenient design features. It is easy to implement. First of all, a layout must be selected and soon afterwards the photos can be placed into the album via drag & drop function. Users can opt to move the images around, add text, and enlarge the result.

There are additional functions of this program suite that make it easy to reproduce the design into an actual product. For instance, the program enables printing of both sides of the sheet in just one pass. Clixxpixx Design Suite is designed to facilitate photo printing.