BlueMars (Freeware)

ClipX is a simple application that allows users to store the last 25 copied items and makes it readily available in case they need them. It stores both graphics and text clips, but does not keep text formatting. It is user friendly, with the right click menu allowing users access to copied items and allows them to change the settings. The left-click item, on the other hand, will display the recently copied items. Things like number of files to be retained for immediate retrieval, as well as specifications on whether the program will include text only, images only, or both can be set up on the Configurations menu.

ClipX gives easy access to the clips, too. Users will just need to press CTRL + V, choose the clip they want to pick and put them in any document they prefer. It also comes with other plug-ins, which are additional components that add specific functions to the software. An example of this is ClipX Stickies Plugin that will keep a list of the clips that are being used routinely like company logos and others. The program also takes up very little memory space so this will not affect computer speed and other related functions.